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A seasoned international education leader, Dr. Santha Kumar is driven by a profound passion for learning and innovation. Over the past 25 years in the field of international education, he has steadfastly believed in the potential of every student to achieve the highest quality of learning with the right support. Dr. Kumar's journey in international schools commenced in Southeast Asia, specifically in Thailand, and has spanned various countries across Asia and Africa.

Throughout his extensive career, Dr. Kumar has undertaken diverse roles within schools, accumulating valuable instructional and leadership experiences in American, IB, and British international school systems. Drawing from this rich tapestry of experiences, he integrates the best practices from these educational approaches to cater to the needs of both students and teachers.

A proponent of creating "Highly Effective and Learning Progressive" (HELP) environments, Dr. Kumar has dedicated his efforts to enable schools to embrace this philosophy. In a HELP environment, schools merge highly effective practices with progressive instructional approaches, equipping students with the competencies and skills necessary for effective post-secondary education. Simultaneously, students are empowered with voice and choice, fostering personalized learning experiences. Dr. Kumar recently led the Office of Learning at ICS, Addis Ababa, overseeing learning, innovation and technology initiatives. His Ph.D. dissertation delves into the leadership practices facilitating the transformation of international schools into HELP environments.

Leveraging his extensive expertise in technology, innovation, and learning, Dr. Kumar provides consultancy services to schools. His areas of focus include technology audits, program development, learning design, technology integration, professional development, AI literacy, technology leadership, and the implementation of learning progressive approaches, including data analytics. He has presented at conferences such as AISA and EARCOS, sharing insights on technology and innovation. Dr. Kumar also served as the program manager for the AISA Virtual School project from 2014 to 2017. Through his holistic approach, Dr. Kumar harnesses his knowledge and experience to contribute positively to the overall development of schools, impacting student learning profoundly.

Please contact me for any of the services mentioned. Also, if the school has specific needs, please contact me for any customized services as well.
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